Order Details Widget

The Order Details Widget is an integral component for WooCommerce sites, particularly for order confirmation pages, often referred to as 'Thank You' pages. It serves to reassure customers by dynamically displaying specific details of their completed transaction. By leveraging this widget, customers can verify their order number, order status, and other pertinent details immediately after purchase, enhancing the transparency and trustworthiness of the shopping experience.

Purpose of the Order Details Widget

The widget's primary purpose is to:

  • Provide immediate confirmation of the order details to the customer.
  • Reduce the need for customers to check their email for order confirmation.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering transparency and accessibility to their order information.
  • Decrease customer service inquiries regarding order details.

How to add and Customize the Order Details Widget in Elementor

Step 1: Accessing the Widget

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to insert the Order Details Widget, such as the order confirmation page.
  2. Click on the section where you want to add the widget to activate the editing mode.

Step 2: Inserting the Widget

  1. Click on the "+" (Add) button or drag the Order Details Widget into your page layout.

Step 3: Adding Order Details Items

  1. In the Order Details items section, click on "+ Add Item" to select which details you want to display.
  2. Choose from options like Order Number, Order Status, Payment Method, etc.
  3. As you add items, they will appear in the preview on the right-hand side of the screen.

Step 4: Customizing Item Settings

  1. Click on any item you've added to edit its properties.
  2. Set the Type, which determines the kind of information shown (e.g., Order Number, Order Status).
  3. Customize the Title to reflect what the customer sees (e.g., "Your Order Number").
  4. (Optional) Add an Icon to visually represent the information.
  5. Adjust the Item Width to manage how much space each detail occupies on the page.

Step 5: Configuring Settings

  1. Expand the Settings section to configure the overall appearance and behavior of the widget.
  2. Set a Heading, such as "Order Details", which will appear as the title of the widget on your page.

Step 6: Updating the Page

  1. Once you have configured the widget to your satisfaction, click "Update" to save the changes.
  2. Preview the page to ensure the Order Details Widget appears as expected and functions correctly.


The Order Details Widget is an efficient tool to convey transaction details to your customers post-purchase. Its dynamic nature ensures each customer sees their specific order information, contributing to an enhanced post-purchase customer experience. By following these steps, you can implement this widget seamlessly into your SellKit-powered e-commerce site.

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