Creating custom Empty Cart Template in SellKit

An empty shopping cart page is a crucial touchpoint in the customer's online shopping experience. It’s an opportunity to communicate with customers who haven't added products to their cart yet. SellKit provides a feature that allows you to replace the default WooCommerce empty cart page content with a custom template. This enables you to craft a message or design that can encourage users to continue shopping or provide helpful information. Here's how you can set up a custom Empty Cart Template in SellKit.

Step 1: Access SellKit Settings

Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the SellKit settings. This is where you will find various options to customize your sales funnel.

Step 2: Find the Empty Cart Template Setting

In the SellKit settings, look for the Empty Cart Template option. This section is dedicated to customizing the appearance of your empty cart page.

Step 3: Select a Custom Template

Click on the text box under Empty Cart Template. You will be presented with a search bar to type and search for your preferred template. If you have pre-designed templates, you can search for them by name here. Select the one that best fits your website's style and the message you want to convey to your customers.

SellKit is compatible with Elementor templates. To create a new template in Elementor, go to Templates > Add New from the WordPress dashboard.

Step 4: Apply the Template

Once you have selected your template, it will automatically replace the default WooCommerce empty cart page content. This template will now be shown to customers whenever they view an empty cart on your site.

Tips for Effective Empty Cart Pages

When customizing your empty cart template, consider the following to make it effective:

  • Encouragement to Continue Shopping: Provide links to popular products or categories to encourage customers to explore your offerings.
  • Clear Navigation: Make sure it's easy for customers to navigate back to the main store or to specific sections of interest.
  • Promotions and Offers: Sometimes, customers need a little extra incentive. Highlight any ongoing promotions or discounts.
  • Support Information: Offer assistance by providing customer service contact information or an FAQ link.

Customizing your empty cart page through SellKit settings can provide a more engaging experience for customers and potentially convert an empty cart into a sale. Remember, a well-designed empty cart page can turn a moment of hesitation into an opportunity for further engagement with your brand.

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