How to disable Search Engine Indexing for Flows in SellKit

Controlling how search engines interact with your website is an important aspect of online visibility and privacy. SellKit provides an option within its settings to manage whether the sales funnels, or "flows", you create are indexed by search engines.

Step 1: Navigate to SellKit Settings

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, find the SellKit menu item, and click it to access the settings for your sales funnels.

Step 2: Find the Search Engine Indexing Toggle

Within the SellKit settings, look for the toggle option labeled Disallow search engine from indexing flows. This setting is crucial for controlling the visibility of your funnel pages on search engines.

Step 3: Enable or Disable Indexing

If you want to prevent search engines from indexing your flows, switch this toggle to the on position. When the toggle is activated (displaying as on), it will add a noindex tag to your flow pages, instructing search engines not to index these pages.

Reasons to Disallow Indexing

There are several scenarios where you might not want your flows to appear in search engine results:

  • Exclusivity: Some flows may be designed for a specific audience or for limited-time offers, and you may not want these to be widely accessible.
  • Testing and Development: While testing new flows, you may wish to keep them unlisted to avoid presenting incomplete or test content to the public.
  • Privacy: Certain flows could contain content meant only for users who have taken specific actions or are part of a particular segment of your audience.

Considerations When Choosing to Disallow Indexing

While there are valid reasons to prevent indexing, remember that disallowing search engines from indexing your flows can reduce the overall visibility of your site. If your flows contain valuable content that can attract potential customers, allowing them to be indexed could contribute to your marketing efforts.

Implementing Changes

After you've toggled the Disallow search engine from indexing flows option, remember to save your changes. It's also good practice to check your flow pages with a tool like Google Search Console to confirm that they are being indexed according to your preferences.

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