Sales Funnel

Find out how to customize your sales funnel to increase your sales.

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Overview of the Sales Funnel

About sales funnels and how to set up one. Learn how to change the steps a user takes to order an item on your website.
checkout builder

Checkout Builder

Checkout Builder simplifies the checkout process and helps you boost your sales. Want to know how? Check it out.
order bump

Order Bumps

Offer a small additional offer right to your checkout page like this.


Offer a new purchase before or after order confirmation like this.
thank you page

Thank you page

Your customers will appreciate you more if you thank them after a purchase, and maybe even give them a coupon for their next purchase!


Understand the logic you can use to perfectly target your audiences.
rfm segments

RFM Segments

Serve personalized content to the right people using RFM Segmentation.
dynamic keywords

Dynamic keywords

Learn how to display unique and personalized data on your web store using Dynamic Keywirds

Smart Coupons

Learn how to create, manage and show smart coupons to engage your customers


Overview of Smart Coupon

Learn how to create a better relationship with customers and increase repeat purchases using smart coupons.
coupons analytics

Coupon Analytics

Use Sellkit Analytics to monitor the progress of your sale and to decide when to issue the next round of coupons.
explaining discount type

Explaining Discount Types

This article helps you understand the available discount types on Sellkit’s Smart Coupons and Discounts.

Dynamic Discounts, Variation Swatches, Product Filters

Learn how to create, manage and show smart discounts, variation swatches, and product filters.