Explaining Discount Types

Learn about all discount types in SellKit

In SellKit’s Smart Coupons and Dynamic Discounts, you can set the discount type in different ways. These options will go to override the WooCommerce settings.

discount types

Percentage Discount

Selecting Percentage Discount coupon from the dropdown menu applies a discount to the whole cart in percentage. 

Fixed Cart Discount

Choosing the Fixed Cart Discount applies a fixed amount in U.S dollar, Euro, etc (changes based on your selected currency in WooCommerce) to the whole cart.

Fixed Product Discount

This item applies a fixed discount to each product that has been filtered/selected in the previous step. So, instead of the entire cart, only chosen products are going to be discounted. 

✍️ Note

Fixed Product Discount is only available in the Smart Coupons and not the Dynamic Discounts

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