How to create a coupon for new users only

Steps to create a smart coupon for your new users

In the present article, we’ll create a coupon under this premise that New Users are those who registered in the last 7 days and didn’t make any purchase.

Note: Based on an eCommerce store’s requirements the New Users definition can change by taking into account different time periods. 

To create smart coupons only for the new users, you should trigger the proper conditions. If you already know how to create a coupon, proceed with the following steps (otherwise take a look at this article first):

  1. From the left sidebar in the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the SellKit > Coupons.
  2. If you created a coupon before, click on the Add New button, if not select the Add Smart Coupon.
  3. From the dropdown list in the condition section, first choose the Signup date condition and apply the in the last operator for it. Finally, set the Days value to 7.
sign up date last 7 days
  1. Then click on the +Add Condition button and leave it to perform with the AND selector.
  2. Choose the Total Orders Counts as the condition and select its value to be less than 1.
detecting new customers

You can now fill in other parts as you want and make sure that your coupon will only be applied to the new users.

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