Overview of Product Filters

Learn about how to use product filters in your shop pages

There is no way everyone has the time to go through the long listings in search of what they need. In many cases, visitors prefer switching to another store rather than wading through an endless list of product variants. However, with the help of product filtering, your customers can find search results in a short time based on multiple factors, such as price, category, tags, ratings, etc.

Good product filtering can make your customers happy and encourage them to make more purchases. Also, finding similar items in search results of product filters might pique customer curiosity and increase sales and revenue.

Sellkit product filter widget

Sellkit offers a product filter widget available in Elementor’s environment, which works only with WooCommerce shortcodes and JupiterX Products widget. You can drag and drop the product filter widget in your shop pages and configure it as you want. 

How to add a product filter widget to your shop pages?

Before starting this section make sure you have activated the Elementor plugin on your website.

  1. Select Pages > Add new From the left sidebar in WordPress dashboard.
  2. Name your shop page, and then click on the Edit with Elementor button on top of the page.
  3. Click on the red plus icon in the middle of the page and choose a two-column pattern with a sidebar.
  4. Then select the Widgets Panel button placed at the upper left side of the page and search for the “Product filter’’ in the sidebar panel.
  5. You will find a widget tagged with a blue SK sign. 
Screen Shot 2022 02 08 at 19.16.19
  1. Drag and drop the Product Filter widget to the side column on the page.
  2. Also, you need to drag and drop the JupiterX Products widget to another column to show products. Or, you can drag and drop the Shortcode widget and enter the [products] shortcode in the box.
Screen Shot 1400 11 26 at 1.24.20 PM

✍️ Note

[products] is a WooCommerce shortcode, and all the letters should be lowercase to work.

✍️ Note

Other WooCommerce shortcodes related to products such as [featured_products], [sale_products], [best_selling_products], [recent_products], … are valid just as initial values to show products. So, the results do not match the initial shortcode after a product filter is applied. 

+ More Information

  1. Finally, you need to configure the widget and customize it as you want. Learn more about how to configure product filters.
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What’s Next?

Configuring Product Filters

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