Coupon Analytics

Getting familiar with Coupon analytics to measure your coupon campaigns

SellKit provides advanced analytics reports of your coupons from different time periods.

To measure your coupon campaign follow these steps:

  1. From the SellKit -> Coupons page select the Analytics for each coupon. Alternatively, you can go to the WordPress dashboard and from the left sidebar click on SellKit > dashboard.
  1. Select the time period from the Date Range drop down menu.
coupons analytics
  1. In this section you can check the following reports for the selected time period:
    • Created coupons: The total number of the coupons generated.
    • Used coupons: The number of the coupons used by customers.
    • Customers: The number of customers who have used coupons.
    • Conversion rate: shows the rate of converted coupon.
    • Revenue: Total income produced by selling products using coupons.
    • Total discounts: The amount of deduction from sold products using coupons.

You can also see a report aggregated from all the smart coupons, on the SellKit’s dashboard page.

sellkit dashboard analytics
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