How to create coupons for your about to lose customers

Steps to create a smart coupon only for your about lose customers 

You can encourage your about-to-lose customers to buy by offering them smart coupons. 

About-to-lose customer is someone who used to visit your online shop and make purchases frequently, but recently disappeared and did not visit your store. The value of this customer segment is above average. 

In order to create coupons for such users apply RFM segments:

  1. From the sidebar in your WordPress dashboard, select SellKit > Coupons.
  2. Choose the Add New button if you already have created a coupon. If not, you will see the Add Smart Coupon select. 
  3. In the condition section, select the RFM segments from the dropdown list and set the value to be Cannot Lose Them
personalizied coupon can not lose
  1. Complete the other parts as a regular coupon rule (Read more about it in the Overview of smart coupon article).

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