How to prevent your coupons so they are not abused

Coupons are great for converting users to customers and customer engagement but you should have full control over your coupons so no one abuses them and violates your sales promotion.

What is coupon abuse or coupon fraud?

Coupon abuse is when someone intentionally or unintentionally misuses your coupons. In other words, coupon abuse is when a coupon is used for a product or by someone out of your promotion plan.

Some examples of coupon abuse

Anything that is not in your promotion plan is coupon abuse, so an example can be normal in one strategy while abuse in another one. Here are some examples of abuse in common strategies:

  • Applying more than one coupon for a product or purchase
  • Using a coupon multiple times or unlimited times
  • Apply a coupon to a product that is not part of the promotion plan
  • Using a coupon after the end of its campaign
  • Selling coupons to other users

SellKit lets you fully control your coupons in a simple way to prevent any misuse or fraud.

How to prevent coupon abuse?

In SellKit you can apply filters and conditions to specify your coupon creation and usage. To do that go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the SellKit icon, and select coupons.

If you want to edit/add filters and conditions to existing coupons click on [related 3 dots icon] and click on edit, or if you want to create a new coupon click on the +Add New button.

edit button

On the Create Smart Coupon page you can define these rules to prevent coupon abuse:

  • Product filters

you can add one or multiple filters to include or exclude the products or categories from the For which products this coupon will be used? section.

products coupons
  • Coupon validation condition

Decide who is eligible to receive this coupon, and use +30 conditions to create the exact match condition(s) for your promotion plan from Who is eligible for this coupon? section.

whois eligible to

In the Additional Condition section you can set the following rules:

  • Restrict coupon for each user

Choose Only This Customer (it’s set by default) for Who can use the coupon? This limits using the coupon for only those who unlock and saw that coupon.

  • Block using the coupon with other coupons

Turn off the toggle switch in front of Can it be used in conjunction with other discounts? which by default is off. 

  • Band products on sale from applying coupon:

It’s rare in promotion plans to let customers apply a coupon on a product that already has a discount, so turn off the toggle for Apply to products on sale?

  • Specify minimum cart subtotal:

Coupons can be activated when subtotal passes a certain number in most strategies. You can set this minimum amount in front of the Minimum subtotal is needed for this coupon to be valid.

  • Prevent using the same coupon multiple times

You should set 1 for How many times this coupon can be used in total? to do that.

  • Set coupon expires date:

Based on your campaign or promotion plan, set an end date after coupon generation.  

additional conditions
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