Overview of Smart Coupon

Steps to create a smart coupon 

How to create your first smart coupon

Step 1: Coupon name

Step 2: Products filter

Step 3: Conditions

Step 4: Coupon amount

Step 5. Additional condition

Step 6. Display method

Step 7. Activation

How to enable a created coupon?

Coupon actions

A smart coupon is a discount coupon based on customers’ behavior which helps create a better relationship with customers and increase repeat purchases.

The difference between WooCommerce built-in coupons and the Sellkit’s Smart Coupons is that you create the WooCommerce coupon and hand it to your customer manually, while Smart Coupons will be created automatically based on certain conditions that you provide. 

How to create your first smart coupon

  1. From the left sidebar in your WordPress dashboard click on the SellKit icon and then choose Coupons
personalized coupons add new
  1. Select Add Smart Coupon button in the middle of the page. 
  2. Follow these steps to the end.

Step 1: Coupon name

Enter a name in the input text box. This name helps you to manage all your coupons in one place later.

✍️ Note

Different coupons can have the same name.

personalized coupons name products 1

Step 2: Products filters

Select a product or a category to apply your coupons. Also, you can add multiple filters using the +Add Filter button. 

✍️ Note

If no filter is selected the coupon will be applied to all products.

Step 3: Condition

You can target more than +30 conditions to trigger the coupon. To learn more about conditions read this document.

Step 4: Coupon amount

Set the amount that will be subtracted from the original product price. You can also determine the discount type and its amount. 

personalized coupon conditions

Step 5: Additional condition

There are multiple options in this section you have to consider:

  • Who can use the coupon?

If you select Only This Customer, the coupon is only valid for those who saw the coupon, otherwise, it is valid for Anyone

  • Can it be used in conjunction with other discounts?

Toggle on this option if you want to use the coupon in combination with other coupons.

  • Apply to products on sale?

Toggle on this option if you want to make the coupon valid for On Sale products too. 

  • Minimum subtotal is needed for this coupon to be valid

Leave this input box empty if you don’t want to consider a minimum subtotal amount.

  • How many times can this coupon be used in total?

This part lets you set the total number of coupons used. Usually, it is set to 1. 

  • Select a priority for this coupon

Set the priority among coupon rules you created. Priority of 1 is the coupon that is shown first and priority of 20 is shown the last. If two coupons have overlapped conditions, the one with the lower priority number will be shown to the user.

  • Expires in

Enter the remaining time to expire after coupon generation. 

personalized coupons additional conditions

Step 6: Display method

Here you have four options to display coupons via a page/post, floating bar, popup, and email. 

Toggle on each item you want to display your coupon through. 

✍️ Note

In order to enable a Coupon, at least one option should be activated. 

✍️ Note

For now, only showing a coupon on a page/post is available. 

personalized coupons display method

Step 7: Activation

Finally, you have to toggle on the Activate this coupon immediately after it is created and click on the Create button to create and activate your coupon rule. Now, you successfully created a coupon rule. 

How to enable a created coupon?

To make a smart coupon enabled in your pages, posts, or even in your funnels, you need to drag and drop the Smart Coupon widget via Elementor to where you want to show the coupon. 

personalized coupons widget

After anyone meets the coupon condition, a smart coupon will be generated in WooCommerce settings. 

✍️ Note

To manage generated coupons in Woocommerce from the left sidebar in your WordPress dashboard click on Marketing > Coupons.

personalized coupon created

Coupon actions

Created smart coupons in SellKit are listed in the SellKit dashboard in the Coupons section.

Here, you’re able to Edit, Duplicate, Deactivate or Remove a coupon rule using the three-dotted icon on the right side of the screen next to each row.

personalized coupons actions

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