Learn about how to leverage conditions in Sellkit 

Conditions offer a series of logical statements which make you able to target audiences with the same characteristics. You can trigger and set conditions with your funnels, discounts, coupons, and notices. 

Conditions logic

In order to define a condition in SellKit these 3 parts should be set:

  1. Logical statement
  2. Operator functions (describes the status of the selected logical statement)
  3. Conditions value

For example, if you want to only trigger the United States and Canada as the billing countries, your conditional logic consists of:

  • Logical statement: Billing Country
  • Operational function: is any of
  • Condition value: United states, Canada

How to add one or more conditions

To add just one condition to your order bump, upsell/downsell, discounts, coupons, and notices, after navigation to the related part:

1. Simply select a condition from the list.

2. Set its operator function from the dropdown menu.

3. Define a value for it.

To add more than one condition, click on the Add condition button and set your new condition.

✍️ Note

After adding one condition operators of AND / OR will be enabled, and you can select one of them at the same time.

How to delete conditions

To delete each condition just select the Bucket icon adjacent to the condition.

Conditions list

There are more than +40 conditions you can trigger in SellKit:

  • Past Order Billing City (New)
  • Past Order Billing Country (New)
  • Browser Language
  • Cart Categories
  • Cart Items
  • Cart Items Quantity
  • Cart Subtotal
  • Cart Tags
  • Login Status (New)
  • Past Order Shipping City (New)
  • Past Order Shipping Country (New)
  • Signup Date
  • Total Orders Count
  • User Device
  • User Role
  • User Type
  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Source
  • UTM Term
  • Billing City on Checkout (New)
  • Billing Country on Checkout (New)
  • RFM Segments
  • Day of the Week (New)
  • Downsell (New)
  • First Order Date
  • Last Order Date
  • Purchased Categories
  • Purchased Products
  • Shipping City on Checkout (New)
  • Shipping Country on Checkout (New)
  • Time Deadline
  • Total Spent
  • Upsell (New)
  • URL Query String Key (New)
  • Viewed Categories
  • Viewed Products
  • Visitor City & Region
  • Visitor Country
  • Whitin Date Range (New)
  • Whitin Time Period (New)

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