Order Bumps

Learn how to use the order bump feature

What is an order bump?

An order bump is an additional offer right on the checkout page. An order bump is usually a complementary or an add-on product, and customers can add it to the shopping cart with a single click. Using an order bump offer creates an opportunity to increase total revenue for each purchase.

How to add/delete order bump in checkout

Order bump offers can only be added to a sales funnel through the checkout step. 

To add an order bump offer:

1. Click on the +Bump button within a checkout step.

order bum add new

2. Select a name for your order bump and choose the Create button.

Right after you add an order bump, available features will be shown on the right side of the page including Design, Product, and conditions

order bump overview 1

Also, to delete an order bump offer from the checkout page, easily click on the three-dotted icon underneath the checkout step and choose the Delete option. 

order bump delete 1

Order Bump design

After you add an order bump offer you have the option to set the position of the offer and add needed details.


There are different positions you can set your offer to be shown on the checkout page. Use the drop-down menu in the position section to select each of these options:

  • Above the order summary
  • Below the order summary
  • Above the payment getaways
  • Below the payment getaways


In this section, you can determine a label for the order bump checkbox, add a description of the product with a standard editor and also, include the preview image of the product. 

Adding order bump Product

Under the Product tab, you can add any product you want to offer as the order bump:

1. Click on the +Add product.

2. Type a part of the product name and a list of products will be shown based on the products you added to your WooCommerce. 

3. Choose your product and then select the Add Product button. 

4. Finally, allocate the Quantity number and Discount amount. 

✍️ Note

Quantity value is usually defined as 1.

order bump product

Order Bump conditions 

There are more than +30 conditions available to target order bump. Also, you can use AND / OR operators to combine two or more conditions. 

Add condition

To add a condition:

1. First, select one condition from the left-sided dropdown menu.

2. Then, using the next drop-down menu choose one of the available operators.

3. Finally, select or add your preferred option(s) in the right-sided input box.

For example, by picking up the Billing Country as the condition, then choosing the Is any of operator, you can target the audience in the United States, Canada, or any other country.

Screen Shot 2022 01 11 at 17.23.53

Add a compound condition

After you included a condition for the order bump,

1. Click on the +Add condition button. 

2. The AND and OR operators will appear in the next line which enables you to consider a separate condition. 

3. Every time you click the +Add condition button, a separate line of conditions will appear.

✍️ Note

At the same time you can only use one of the AND/OR operators.

order bump compound conditions

Delete condition

To delete a condition you need just to select the Bucket icon next to each line of condition.

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