Thank you page

What is a thank you page?

Thank you page is the page that you can display after customers make a successful purchase and thus is the last step in the sales funnel.

What is the purpose of the thank you page?

As the name of this page implies, the main purpose is to express appreciation towards the customers but also it’s a great place to deepen the relationship and even nurture your customers.

Elements on thank you page

Depending on the design of your website a thank you page can have:

  • Thank you note
  • Order confirmation 
  • Navigation menu
  • Social media links
  • Support numbers or addresses
  • Coupons
  • Free give away things such as ebook

Creating a thank you page

Follow these steps from the created funnel to add thank you page:

  • Click on the + Add new step button
thank you step
  • Choose thank you
  • You can create from scratch or choose pre-template and import one
  • From the design tab you can change the design of your thank you page by clicking on the Edit with Elementor or Edit with Block Editor.
thank you design tab

What’s Next?

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