Learn about upsell and how to add one to your sales funnel

What is upsell and downsell?

Upsell and downsell are the techniques that marketers and sellers use in their sales funnels to increase order value and maximize profit.

Upsell is when you offer an upgraded, premium, or more complete version of a product or service that the customer aims to buy and naturally should be more expensive.

Downsell is when you offer a low-cost and more affordable alternative or the option of the product or service.

When to use upsell and downsell?

The most common way to use upsell is when the customer has almost completed their order, which in the sales funnel is right after the checkout page and before the thank you page. And the general way to offer downsell is like upsell (between checkout and thank you page) but if you have an upsell in your funnel then best practice is to add the downsell step after upsell when the customer rejects the upsell offer.

For example, a customer is about to purchase a chef knife and just before the thank you page you offer them a full kitchen knife set with some discount (your upsell offer)  and if they reject in the next attempt on another page you can offer a ham slicer (this one is your downsell offer). If the customer accepts either of those offers their order value has increased and so has your profit.

How to add an upsell or downsell in SellKit?

Follow these steps from the created funnel to add upsell or downsell:

  1. Click on the + Add new step button
  1. Choose Upsell
upsell add new sellkit
  1. You can create from scratch or choose pre-template and import one

  1. From the Products tab click on + Add Products button
upsell product e1642412984166
  1. Select a product by typing its name and click on Add Product button
  2. From the Conditions tab set the condition for triggering this offer. 
upsell conditions

Note: if you want to add more conditions you can click on the + Add Condition button to set another condition.

  1. From the design tab you can change the design of your upsell page by clicking on the Edit with Elementor or Edit with Block Editor.
upsell design

Also, for any existing steps you can perform the following actions:

  • Move: Drag and drop your step to arrange them as you want. 
  • Duplicate: Click on the three-dotted icon next to your preferred step and select the option. 
  • Remove: Click on the three-dotted icon next to your desired step and choose the Delete icon. 
  • Activate/Deactivate: Select a step and and then click on the Toggle button placed on the right side of the screen to activate or deactivate it. Note that a deactivated step appears in red. 

What’s Next?

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