Create notices to announce a possible discount


Giving discounts can increase the number of new customers and repeat customers, improve customer engagement, boost sales in new product launch campaigns or occasion-based ones, etc.
You can have discount opportunities on your website but users may not be aware of them, here notices can notify users about possible discounts and grow using them, and thus you can see the result faster and more efficiently.

Create notices to announce a possible discount

In SellKit, while creating discounts you should select and filter products or categories as well as the condition(s) to trigger the discount. In order to create a notice to announce a possible discount, you should match the condition of your notice to the created discount.

In order to do that follow these steps

  1. Go to SellKit > Discounts and click on the discount you want to have a notice for
Screen Shot 2022 02 24 at 4.27.10 PM
  1. You will redirect to the edit page of that discount, in there look for the filtered products and categories and other conditions.
Screen Shot 2022 02 24 at 4.30.37 PM
  1. Create a notice and in the condition section set the same condition as the discount for the notice to trigger.
    For example, a discount have a filter like: Products > is > Vanilla Cake
    so you should set the condition for your notice like: Viewed Products > is any of > Vanilla Cake
Screen Shot 2022 02 24 at 4.37.42 PM
  1. Write in the content of your notice to inform users such a discount is available for the furniture category, i.e. “All furniture products have a 20% discount, don’t miss this opportunity.” and place it anywhere in the website you like.

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