Create notices to increase repeat purchase


Repeat customers are so valuable for stores because of a higher chance of selling products/services or in other words higher chance of repeat purchase.

So it’s better to have a specific strategy to motivate these valuable users.

Create notices to increase repeat purchase

To increase the chance of repeat purchases from your customers you can offer discounts or smart coupons exclusively for your repeat customers and notify them about those offers via notices when they back to your website. 

While creating your discounts, coupons, or notices to target your repeat customers, you should set the following condition:

Total order count > is greater than > 1

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This condition targets the users who have ordered at least once from your website successfully. 

✍️ Note

You can add any other condition to narrow down your repeat customer segment such as RFM segmentation and/or First purchase date and Last purchase date conditions.

After creating and activating coupons or discounts to increase the chance of using them you can explain the type and amount of created offers in the content of your notice.

✍️ Note

You should match the condition(s) of your created coupon or discount with the condition(s) of the notice to prevent displaying the notice in the wrong situation.

For example, you can create a percentage discount of 40% for a specific category and set a validity period of one week, then in the conditions of your notice, set the following conditions:

Total order count > is greater than > 1

Viewed category > is any of > [target category in created discount]

Your notice should have the same conditions but if you want to create FOMO you can add the following condition for your notice:
Time deadline > is > [the time which is possible to get the products shipped that day]

and here is a sample for the content of your notice which includes dynamic keywords: “Happy to see you again! All [sellkit-viewed-categories] have 40% this week! Order within [sellkit-time-to-deadline] to get your order shipped today.! ”

Screen Shot 2022 02 24 at 6.18.12 PM

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