How to install the Sellkit plugin

Learn how to install SellKit free and Pro in WordPress 


For SellKit to work appropriately, you should have these plugins installed and activated in your WordPress:


If you already have the WooCommerce plugin, you can skip this part. Otherwise, please first download the latest version of WooCommerce from the WordPress repository. Then you can upload the plugin and make it activated.

Elementor Website Builder

Elementor free plugin would be enough to make features of SellKit work fine. Just make sure that you have the free or the Pro version of Elementor activated in your WordPress. You can download it from here.

Install Sellkit free

Sellkit is offered in two different plugins, one for the free plan and another for the pro plans. To install the free version you need to follow just one of these steps.

  1. Choose Plugins -> Add new from the left side panel in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Type “SellKit” within the search box and wait for the results to show.
  3. Choose the first item and click on Install now and then Activate button. 
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Install Sellkit using WordPress Repository

  1. Download Sellkit using this URL:
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, select Plugins -> Add new from the sidebar panel.
  3. Click on the Upload plugin -> Choose File.
  4. Pick the Zip file you downloaded previously and then choose Install Now.
  5. Wait for SellKit to be installed and then click on the Activate Plugin.

Install Sellkit Pro

If you have purchased a Pro plan, you have to first download SellKit from

Upload the plugin to your WordPress dashboard using the method mentioned in the previous step

What’s next?

How to get started with SellKit

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