How to Download and Install SellKit Plugin

Installing Free SellkKit Plugin

SellKit offers a free version of its plugin, providing a suite of tools to enhance your e-commerce site on WordPress. This guide will walk you through the steps to download and install the SellKit Free plugin, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Prerequisites for Installing SellKit Free Plugin

Before proceeding with the installation of the SellKit Free plugin, it's crucial to ensure that your WordPress site meets a couple of prerequisites. Firstly, the WooCommerce plugin must be installed and activated on your site as SellKit is designed to enhance WooCommerce-powered e-commerce platforms by optimizing sales and conversion strategies. Secondly, having the Free Elementor plugin activated is also recommended since SellKit leverages Elementor's robust page-building capabilities to offer advanced customization options for your online store.

Step 1: Accessing the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Before installing the plugin, you need to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Enter your login credentials (username and password) to access the dashboard where you'll manage your site's content and settings.

Step 2: Navigating to the Plugin Section

Once logged in, navigate to the Plugins section on the left sidebar of the dashboard. Here, you'll find all your installed plugins and have the option to add new ones.

Step 3: Adding a New Plugin

Click on the Add New button located at the top of the page or within the Plugins menu. This action takes you to the WordPress plugin repository search page.

Step 4: Searching for SellKit

In the search bar, type "SellKit" and press Enter. The search results will display the SellKit Free plugin among other related plugins.

Step 5: Installing the Plugin

Locate the SellKit Free plugin in the search results. Click on the Install Now button next to the plugin name. WordPress will download and install the plugin to your site. This process may take a few moments.

Step 6: Activating the Plugin

After installation, the Install Now button will change to Activate. Click on this button to activate the SellKit Free plugin on your site. Once activated, you'll be redirected to the Installed Plugins page where you can see SellKit Free listed among your active plugins.

Step 7: Accessing SellKit Settings

With the plugin activated, you can now access SellKit settings by navigating to the SellKit menu option in your WordPress dashboard. This section allows you to configure and utilize the features of the SellKit Free plugin.

You can also download and manually install the free SellKit plugin.

Downloading and Installing the SellKit Pro Plugin

The SellKit Pro plugin enhances your e-commerce website by integrating advanced marketing tools and features beyond the capabilities of the free version.

Check out SellKit Pro Features

This guide will outline the steps to download and install the SellKit Pro plugin, ensuring a seamless upgrade for your online store.


Before proceeding with the installation of SellKit Pro, ensure that you have SellKit Free plugin already installed and activated on your WordPress site.

Step 1: Purchase SellKit Pro

Visit the SellKit official website and navigate to the Pricing page. Select the SellKit Pro plan that best suits your business needs and complete the purchase process.

Step 2: Download the Plugin

Visit and log in with the credentials created during the purchase process. Once logged in, navigate to the Downloads section. Here, you'll find the SellKit Pro plugin available for download. Click on the download button to save the SellKit Pro plugin zip file to your computer. Ensure you remember the download location, as you'll need it for the installation process.

Step 3: Access Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard to begin the installation process. Navigate to the Plugins section on the left-hand sidebar.

Step 4: Uploading the Plugin

Click on the Add New button at the top of the Plugins page, then click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the Add Plugins page. Choose the Browse button to locate the SellKit Pro zip file you downloaded earlier, select it, and then click Install Now and then Activate.

Step 5: Activating Your License

Once you installed and activated the SellKit Pro plugin, from your WordPress dashboard, go to SellKit > License. Click on the Connect & Activate button to activate your SellKit Pro license.

If you are already logged in to, you will see a page asking for your confirmation to connect your website to your SellKit account. Click Connect.

Otherwise, you will be required to connect to your SellKit account.

Once you connected your website to your SellKit account, you can check its status by going to and then clicking on Connected Websites in the sidebar.

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