How to Create an Opt-in Funnel in SellKit

Creating a seamless sales funnel is key to converting visitors into leads. An opt-in step is essential for capturing customer information and growing your list.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add an opt-in step to your sales funnel using SellKit.

Step 1: Access Your Funnel

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to SellKit on the left-hand menu.
  2. Under the SellKit menu, click on Funnels.
  3. Select the funnel you wish to edit.

Step 2: Add a New Step to Your Funnel

  1. Within your funnel, locate the plus icon (+ ) where you want to insert the opt-in step.
  2. Click on the + icon to bring up the "Add a New Step" options.

Step 3: Select Opt-in Step

  1. In the "Add a New Step" window, you'll see various steps that can be added to your funnel.
  2. Click on the Opt-in step. This action will open a dialog box where you can name your opt-in step.

Step 4: Name Your Opt-in Step

  1. Enter a name for your opt-in step in the dialog box. Choose a name that's easily identifiable, such as "Subscriber Opt-in."
  2. Click on the Create button.

Step 5: Configure Your Opt-in Step

  1. After creating the opt-in step, select it from the flow by clicking on it.
  2. Here you can customize your opt-in step. For instance, to edit the design, click on Edit with Elementor or Edit with Block Editor according to your preference.

Step 6: Design the Opt-in Form

  1. If you click on Edit with Elementor, you'll be taken to the Elementor editor.
  2. Select the Opt-in widget from the left sidebar in Elementor and drag it into the page.
  3. Customize the opt-in form fields, buttons, and overall design to match your brand and the funnel's purpose.

Step 7: Integrating with a CRM

CRM integration allows you to sync the data collected through the opt-in form with your customer relationship management system. This streamlines the process of managing leads and customer interactions.

  1. In the Elementor editor, select the Opt-In widget you have placed in your form.
  2. Click on the Content tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Settings section.
  4. You’ll see a field labeled CRM Integrations. Click on the + button to add a new integration.
  5. A list of available CRMs will appear, such as Growmatik, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite, and WebHook.

Make sure you have integrated your CRM tool with SellKit under SellKit > Settings > CRM Integrations.

Configuring After Submit Actions

After a visitor submits the form, you can decide what happens next. You can choose to provide them with a file, redirect them to another page, or simply display a success message.

  1. While still in the Opt-In widget settings, find the After Submit Actions section.
  2. To provide a file for download after submission, select Download a File and upload the file that will be automatically downloaded once the form is submitted.

    If you prefer to redirect the user to another page, such as a thank you page or another step in your funnel, select Redirect to.

    Choose between Next Funnel Step or Custom URL based on where you want to direct your users post-submission.

    • Next Funnel Step will automatically take them to the next configured step in your SellKit funnel.
    • Custom URL allows you to specify any URL where the user should be redirected. It could be a specific landing page, a download page, or any other URL.
  3. After configuring these settings, click the Update button to save your changes.

Step 9: Add an Opt-in Confirmation Step

Once users have opted in, it's best practice to confirm their action and set the right expectations. Let's add an opt-in confirmation step to your funnel.

  1. Go back to your funnel.
  2. Click the + icon located below the Opt-in step to add a new step.
  3. In the "Add a New Step" modal, select the Opt-in Confirmation step.
  4. A prompt will appear asking you to enter a name for this step.
  5. Click on the Create button to add this step to your funnel.
  6. After the confirmation step is added, click on the Opt-in Confirmation step in your funnel flow to design your confirmation page.
  7. You might want to use Elementor or block editor to design this page.
  8. Ensure to include a thank-you message and information on what the subscriber should expect next, such as receiving a download link to the eBook they subscribed for.
  9. Click the Update button to save your changes.

Step 7: Save Your Funnel

  1. Back to the funnel, once you're satisfied with the design and settings of your opt-in funnel, click Save Changes.
  2. Ensure you preview your changes to see how they appear live.

Step 8: Test the Funnel

  1. It's important to test your funnel to ensure that the opt-in step works correctly.
  2. Go through the funnel as a user would and fill in the opt-in form to see if it captures and records the details as expected.
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