How to Add Thank You Page to Sales Funnel

Adding a Thank You page to your sales funnel is a great way to conclude a successful transaction and provide your customers with important order details. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating and adding a Thank You page to your SellKit sales funnel.

Step 1: Select Your Funnel

Once you're in the Funnels section, select the funnel you want to edit.

Step 2: Add a New Step to Your Funnel

In the funnel editor, click on the blue "+" button where you want to add the Thank You page. Thank you step is typically located at the end of your funnel before the exit.

This will open the "Add a New Step" window.

Step 3: Select the Thank You Page Option

In the "Add a New Step" window, locate and click on the Thank You icon to add it as a step in your funnel.

Step 4: Customize Your Thank You Page

After adding the Thank You page to your funnel, click on the gear icon on the Thank You page step. This will open the design options for the page.

Step 5: Design the Thank You Page

You have two options to edit your Thank You page: Edit with Elementor or Edit with Block Editor. Choose your preferred editor to start customizing the page.

Step 6: Edit and Save Your Design

Using the chosen editor, you can now customize the Thank You page. Add details such as order confirmation, a message of gratitude, and any other information you wish to provide to your customers.

Once done, click on Update or Save to apply the changes.

Step 7: Connect the Thank You Page to the Funnel

Ensure the Thank You page is connected to the appropriate step in your funnel. This typically follows an upsell or downsell offer, depending on how you've structured your funnel.

Step 8: Test the Funnel

Before going live, always test your funnel to ensure that the Thank You page appears as expected after a transaction is completed.

Tips for Personalizing Your Thank You Page

Use "Order Detail" and "Order Cart Detail" Widgets

After a customer completes an order, you can display their order details on the Thank You page using SellKit's Order Details and Order Cart Details widgets. These widgets will dynamically retrieve information about the customer's order and present it to them, providing a seamless post-purchase experience.

Use Personalization Tags

You can also use Shortcode Keywords to dynamically display specific order information to customers on the Thank You page. This allows you to show the Order Status, Shipping Method, Order Number, Order Date, and other details by inserting the appropriate shortcode into the page content.

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